Furnish your small home in style!

People often think that furnishing a small home means sacrificing on design or style. Forget spaces with no ...

People often think that furnishing a small home means sacrificing on design or style. Forget spaces with no personality, haphazardly arranged furniture and make the most of your budget. Even a "small" flat can be transformed into a breathtaking and highly original space.

First of all, carefully evaluate the actual space available to you, then choose the primary colours and what benchmarks you are going to use in the selection of the furniture.

There are, indeed, a number of clear rules to bear in mind when furnishing a small home, so let’s have a look at them.

Open space solutions

Adopt open space solutions as far as possible by removing any unnecessary partitions. To avoid compromising on the stability of the rooms or of the building itself, consider whether this option is feasible with the help of a professional.

Storage units

Reorganise rooms by using items of furniture that include a storage option, even to divide the same room into two. A two-sided, self-standing bookcase, for example, is an excellent solution to separate an entrance from the living area, making rational use of the space available.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

Position mirrors – they provide brightness and optically enlarge rooms.


In the Morica Design collections you can find different mirrors that adapt to any space of the house.

More verticality

Make use of vertical wall space by positioning small boxes or shelving to store books, plants or accessories.

Focus on materialsCRY-DM-MC_semiambiente02_1800x2000

Choose high quality materials, all the more so if they are sustainable. You will immediately provide value to even the smallest of spaces

The importance of lighting

Carefully analyse the lighting, with the help of an expert, if required. Designer lamps such as the Crystal Ball lamp by Morica Design and original floor-standing lamps furnish even the most unexpected corners.

Focus on spaces

Minimise transit space and choose furniture that is the right size for the room. Do not skimp on quality – the ‘cheap & nasty’ effect is just around the bend!

As you can see, with the right care, even a small home can be furnished with style and personality. Recall, however, that ‘small’ does not have to mean ‘low cost’, but rather can help you choose fewer, more valuable items.

Layout ideas should be evaluated depending on the individual needs of the people who are going to live in the home. Here too, the assistance of an expert is key in optimising space and making rooms look truly liveable. Transforming a living area into a study or a living room into a sleeping area for unexpected guests does not have to be an insurmountable task if an expert is involved. 

So, don't give up on the design or on expressing your personality even in the smallest of flats!

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