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Renovating your home – all the steps you need

Discover essential tips to renovate your home stress-free. Avoid pitfalls, control costs and achieve satisfactory results. A guide to successful home...


How to choose your furniture colour

A mini-guide to choose colors, materials and combinations, not to be caught unprepared in the choice of the decor of your home.

styles and trends

How to divide up space correctly in a new home

Effective allocation of space in a home is key to living well. Here are some useful tips on how to make all those small (or large) improvements.


Furnish your small home in style!

Furnishing a small house does not mean sacrificing design and style. Use your budget to turn your apartment into an original space!


Home décor – choosing the right material

Choosing the best material to furnish your home is not always that easy. In addition to aesthetics, the technical specifications of each material...